About me.

I graduated from Stanford University in 1962. I majored in Anthropology, which was intellectually stimulating and fun, but not practical, except in the important sense of getting a better look at how the people of the world developed. While at Stanford I tried freshman basketball and lettered in baseball. Three days after graduating, I drove to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas and completed the Officer Training School course over the summer, becoming a 2nd lieutenant assigned to personnel. Six years later, after serving my time in the Air Force and working in the family printing business, I started law school and graduated from University of California Hastings College of Law in 1971, being admitted to practice law in California effective January 1972.

Since then I have had my own practice, and I’ve worked with others. I was a partner in the firm of Mossman, Ioakimedes and Schultz in Vallejo, California in the late 1970s, then worked on my own, finally becoming a founding partner of the firm of Leland, Schultz, and Morrissey in Chico in 1997. That firm gave me an opportunity to practice law with two great partners for a long time. In March 2018 the firm — by then Leland, Schultz, Morrissey and Knowles — disbanded, after Rick Leland decided he would rather follow his dream and buy a 42-foot wooden sailboat and sail the seas than practice law.

I decided to take the opportunity afforded by the change in the partnership to move my practice to Paradise, California, which was closer to my home in Magalia, where I lived with my wife, Diane, a long-time paralegal who retired for the third and final time (I think) a few years ago. After about eight months of practicing law in Paradise, the Camp Fire came, and both my home in Magalia and office in Paradise burned to the ground. I have now reestablished in Chico, and I am ready to keep going.

Over the years, I have worked in almost every kind of law. I did a lot of criminal law for a few years, as court-appointed counsel representing indigent clients. While the work didn’t pay much, it provided a great opportunity for me to become proficient and comfortable before a judge or jury. I have also worked a great deal in family law, which gives an attorney the opportunity not only to see a lot of court time, but also to discover that, when there is enough emotion involved in a case, it is difficult to find a satisfying solution for most clients. I no longer practice criminal law, but still accept selected family law cases: those in which I think I have a chance to make the process less stressful and possibly arrive at reasonable solutions to difficult problems.

I have had the opportunity throughout my career to concentrate on estate planning, probate and trust administration matters, including litigation in those matters. I have considerable experience and expertise in these areas and believe I can offer an array of ideas and solutions for just about any issue that might arise for my clients..

Over the past four decades, I have also handled, and intend to continue practicing in, the areas of:

  • Personal injury
  • Real estate
  • Business matters
  • Litigation
  • Family law
  • And other general law services

At Schultz Law, I provide quality legal advice and services, emphasizing estate planning, probate and trust administration and litigation for those issues, all at reasonable, often preset fees, with my clients always being part of the process. My focus is on defining issues and finding rational solutions. 

I try to live life in the “flow lane” (see my blog on that issue). The flow lane is the lane that gets you where you want to go, but provides the least stressful trip. Hope to see you there.