Yes, we are human animals.  We come with needs and feelings.  These needs and feeling are sometimes strong and contrary enough that we don’t end up doing or thinking what we would choose to do or think if all our decisions were made on a purely intellectual plane.

Lighten up on yourself and others. Perfection is unattainable, however you define it.  Are you headed toward the flow lane?  Recognize the things you do and think that get you closer. Also recognize the things you do and think that impede your progress, but don’t dwell on them.    Accept your humanness.  If you have developed a good feeling for the person you want to be, you will know which of your actions and thoughts are not in line with being that person.  When those actions and thoughts pop up, be kind to yourself, you are not a computer.  Learn from the missteps and maybe next time you’ll be able to come a little closer to being who you want to be.