As I go through a short description of the elements I have associated with Life in the Flow Lane, I would enjoy seeing any comments you may have about each element.  I would especially enjoy hearing about your own experience with these elements, including your observations of your own actions or those of others.

The popular concept of mindfulness teaches to be mindful of what you are doing what of significance is happening at the moment.  I like to use the phrase “be aware” to describe that feeling of paying attention, of being part of, being immersed in, the totality of your current experience.  Like “feeling” the colors and sounds that are part of your current environment, or losing all concept of time while becoming part of the task you are performing.

If you have been able to be aware to that degree, you know that the quality of the time then spent is increase and the results of what you are doing during that time are substantially enhanced.  If you spend all of your time being aware and thus becoming more a part of your environment and of your current activity, you will be able to easily step into the flow lane..

One thing about the process of being aware is that it doesn’t take a lot of intense effort: it’s more like relaxing and letting yourself slip into a serene place.