This is one of my favorite concepts.  People are trying to get bigger, to take up more space, to be in charge.  The concept of being small has to do with not sucking all the air out of the room; not stomping on everyone’s life.

Think of those people you look forward to seeing because you feel emotionally safe with them.  Maybe there’s your grandma or best friend who lets you be what you are and thinks you’re great just the same..  The person who has well thought out and always kind things to say; who doesn’t give you unrequested information about all the things you’re doing wrong; who can even disagree with you without trying to make you feel stupid.  These are the people who make life worth living; the ones we always walk away from feeling calmer and richer for having spent time with them.

Though you can occupy a large space while being small, that space is not exclusively yours; rather it is a space into which those around you feel invited to share with you.

Being small is the opposite of the chest-pounding, look-at-me attitude that seems to be becoming more the norm.

Be one of those people.  Both you and the people you associate with will be happier being with you.